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Frequently asked questions :

Generalities :

- How much time after the payment is my logo available ?
As soon as your payment is validated, you have access to your customer space from wich you can send your logo. That one will be then available with no delay on a https adress. All your adresses will remain available in your customer space at any time for a quick access and management.

- How is the secured adress of the picture or logo like ?
Your logo is hosted with ssl and a secured adress such as : https://our_server/image_ssl/your_logo.jpg. It is that kind of adress that paypal and others require. When you will indicate this adress to paypal or to another organism, do not forget to mention the complete adress (including « https:// » )

- Can I modify my images or logos in the middle of the contract ?
Go on your customer space and select the logo you want to modify and click on « modify »
The modification is immediate and the your logo's adress remains the same (you can already change the name too).


Login/account :

- I forgot my IDs, how can I get them again ?
Simply get on your customer space and below the login and passwords places, click on « I forgot my password » or « I forgot my login ».
Then you will have to indicate your email adress so that a new password as well as your login are sent back by email in the minuts that follow.
If you have lost both Ids and email adress, please contact us.

- How to get access to the modification of my personal data ?
You can modify at any moment if you wish your personnal data with our customer space. Your email adress will never be communicated to external people.


Technical aspect :

- Do my users will have to accept a ssl certificate ?
We use certified ssl certificates, so during the visualisation of an image hosted by our attentions, you have no certificate to accept, the diplay goes on like on a page with a normal http protocol.

- What is the limit size allowed for an image ?
The image you send to our servers cannot exceed 4Mo.
Contact us if needed.