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Selling general conditions:


sslimage , sslimage.com: name of the hosting service presented on the home page and representating name of the founder team of the service
Id: datae (user name, password) enabling the connexion to the customer’s space.
Customer: physical or moral person using the online service.
Offers: all the possible prestations with sslimage.com


This contract has got as a purpose to define the conditions and modalities of activation for the customer of the offers of sslimage.com
Any sslimage product order involves the acceptation of that contract. That one is subscribed for the time required and ordered by the customer, starting with the 1st payment for the subscribed offers.

Prices and invoincing

All our prices are all tax included and can be paid in advance. sslimage keeps the right to modify its prices anytime. However, these prices are guaranteed for all current contracts at the payment date.


From the customer : The customer has to respect the current legislation in his/her country.
Sslimage also forbids any images or any other contents involving pedophilism or degradation of human beings.
The hosting of programs or contents submitted to copyright that the customer doesn’t own is also forbidden.
The customer has to give valid information on his profile on sslimage.com, especially his email adress.

From sslimage : Because of the characteristics and the limits of the internet network, in no case sslimage could be considered as a responsible for any indirect or immaterial prejudice caused to the customer, whichever might be, like pecuniary or commercial damages, lost of benefits, of datae, and for all of those even if the receiver had been informed of the possibility of such a lost or such a damage.
Sslimage guarantees 99.9% of availability (average calculated over a one-year period) for its prestation.
Are excluded of this calculation the periods of unavailability of the servers because of technical problems requiring, failures excluded, a regular maintenance of sslimage.com or all other difficulties independent of sslimage’s will.
Sslimage keeps the right to suspend the accounts of any customer that would not respect these selling general conditions.

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